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Ausable Trout Trips

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Prime dates available for trout trips on the West Branch of the Ausable. The Ausable is known for it’s great pocket water and awesome dry fly fishing.  For more information or to book a trip you can contact us here.

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Open Dates

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May 5th & 6th just opened up due to a cancellation. Prime time on the Salmon River to swing, strip big streamers or skate dry flies for steelhead. Give me a call or shoot me a e-mail.

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Salmon River Falls

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A couple of drone shots of the Salmon River Falls. If you have never stop to check out this 110 foot waterfall, your missing out.  Stop by and check it out next  fishing trip.

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Ice Sac Fry

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Mother Nature decided to start the spring thaw a little early so we’re tying up some Ice Sac Fry patterns.

Hook: Your Choice

Thread: UTC 140 White

Body: Pearl Flashabou

Wing: Ripple Ice Fiber Minnow Mix, Ripple Ice Fiber Olive

Sac: Orange Ice Dub

Eyes: 3D living eyes

Take a black marker and give the olive wing a few stripes.

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“Common Mistakes Swinging Flies on Your Two-Hander”

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Check out a recent article I wrote for Echo Fly Fishing  “Common Mistakes Swinging Flies on Your Two-Hander.”  Click here to read it.


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Winter Special

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The Douglaston Salmon Run and Paul’s Guide Service are excited to announce a Winter Lodging/Fishing Package valid now through Mar 31, 2018.

Come spend a day fly fishing for Steelhead with Paul’s Guide Service, and spend two nights in a cozy DSR lodge, DSR fishing passes are included! Plus, you have the option to purchase discounted day passes for the duration of your stay!  We have a one angler rate also, contact us for that!

Don’t wait, contact  Paul to reserve your trip today!

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Winter Steelhead

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Winter is in full effect right now on the Salmon River.   The lake effect snow and single digits at night means slush will start being a factor. Here are a few tips to help you be successful.

No need to start at first light.  Usually the bite doesn’t start til the sun hits the water and the air temp rises.
Fish slow and deep especially in higher flows.
Fish flies you have confidence in.
Concentrate on the guts and tail-out of pools.
Dress appropriately, wear layers  and it help to be in a drift boat with heaters.



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Got Chrome?

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Got Chrome

Steelhead season is upon us. Time to break out the spey rods and hold on tight.

I’m now booking trips for mid to late December, if you want to get out and enjoy a day winter steelhead fishing give me a call.


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Salmon Season

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The Fall Salmon Run is quickly approaching and reports from the lake are “On Fire,” “Non Stop Action,” and “Best Bite we have seen in years.” If you haven’t booked your trip yet, don’t wait, you won’t want to miss out on action.


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Guide Get Away 

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Being a fly fishing guide doesn’t allow me to fish very often, so when I can i try to bring one of my daughter’s along. Recently I booked a few days up at Lopstick Lodge in Pittsburgh NH for a little father/daughter fishing time. We started out running a few dry dropper rigs thru the pocket water in the upper Connecticut river with good success that evening. The next morning the river was crowded so we rigged up some nymphing rods figuring with all the pressure we’d have better luck with getting down deep smaller nymphs in the pockets. We fished a very popular spot with some success, but I knew we were missing some fish in this run. So I switched over to a couple of mop flies on both rods and we picked up a good number of fish. The crowds there don’t stray far from parking lots as walking anywhere can tough with some dense woods and a lot of Bush whacking.  So we decided to get away from the crowds, once we did the fishing went from pretty good to outstanding. Big browns, rainbows, landlock salmon and brook trout all in the same pockets and small runs. Changing over to bigger flies seemed to draw the bigger fish out from under rocks and log jams.

We finished up our short stay the next morning with not many people around mostly fishing nymphs again. It was a great time to test out some patterns I had tied before the trip some with good success others were so so, so we’ll save them for another time to test out.

If you never have fished the upper Connecticut, you should try it out. Lopstick lodge is very […]