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Fish ID – Take A Few Seconds To Know

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Is it a Brown Trout or Atlantic??? This is always a topic of discussion on the fishing forum’s and social media . Since the fall run is quickly approaching, here is a ID Chart from Sea Grant to help you identify them. To see the full ID chart from Sea Grant, click here.

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Water Release Dates

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I have a had few people ask me when the release dates are this summer, here they are.

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Upcoming Events

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The Fly Fishing Film Tour will be at the Tailwater Lodge June 20, 2014.


Spey Nation Spey Clave Event on June 21, 2017 at the Pineville DEC parking lot.


Celebrate Fishing Show and Sale July 12, 2014 at the Salmon River Sport Fishing Museum on Rt13.

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This Season Is A Wrap!

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This season is a wrap and what a great season it was. The Salmon run started out early in August and was incredible all the way thru October with some really big kings! Steelhead season started off with a bang too and continued right thru the fall. Those early fish in the DSR made for some great takes for my clients swinging flies. Winter fishing was good if you wanted to do battle with Old Man Winter – Me, I must be getting older, I can’t take those really cold days anymore. With the long winter came a extended spring season and as I type this there is still plenty of fish to be caught in the river. We saw some insane numbers come to the net and anyway you wanted to catch them. To top it all off I had Great clients/Friends, so what more could a guide ask for!!
Looking forward to seeing everyone this coming season! Just think Salmon Season is only 3 1/2 months away!!!
Tight Lines,


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Swinging – It Doesn’t Get Any Better

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Francois and Sylvain hit it right this time for their annual spring trip to the Salmon River after we had to reschedule due to the river running at 5000cfs. Swinging flies high in the water column was just what they wanted to do and they did. I will let the smiles tell the rest of the story. 
   Looking forward to seeing you guys next season!

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Spring Fishing

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Looks like were going to have a few more weeks of great fishing this spring. If you want to get in on some incredible fishing give me a call 315-298-3949. Limited dates available.

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Big Water

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  High water on all tribs continues as daytime temperatures continue to be in the mid 70′s for Monday. The runoff will slow down a little Tuesday night as the the night time low is going to be in the low 20′s, but then back to spring like the rest of the week. Brown trout fishing on the lake has been really good along the Lake Ontario shoreline.
I have May 4 open as well as May 10th for Steelhead trips. Give me a call 315-298-3949 or click here to book a trip.

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Checkout Our New Website

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Welcome to the redesigned Paul’s Guide Service. Take a few minutes to check it out along with our Social media sites.


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Spring is still way off

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Here is a picture of South Sandy Creek in Ellisburg on March 10th. When this let’s go it will change the channel in a few spots.

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Winter Fishing

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Mother Nature sure is putting a beating on everyone in the East this year, heavy snow fall, way too many days below zero has everyone with a little cabin fever. The forecast is calling above freezing temperatures.  As of the time I’m writing this the river is running low at 285cfs and rumors the reservoir is down 6 feet, on the plus side Redfield (Where the reservoir is located) has had over 300″ of snow this season, so it won’t be long and we should see some good flows.  Access to the river right now is pretty tough unless your near a parking lot or a bridge, the snowpack is about 2 ½’ to 3’ deep if you plan on blazing a trail anywhere.