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Big Kings

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This year there are some really big king salmon making their annual spawning run up the Salmon River.  We have topped the 30lb mark over a dozen times this season. 


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Weekend Fishing

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Fishing over the weekend was pretty good, alot of bent rods and happy clients.  This year there are a lot of BIG, Tackle Busting kings in the river.  Don’t be afraid to bump up your tippet and make sure your  knots are tied well.

I have September 21 open and October 5,6 for Salmon and October 20th open for Steelhead.  Give me a call or email me to book a trip.


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Salmon Season

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The time of year everyone is waiting for is upon us - the salmon run.  The Annual white water release is back on this year after a years drought.  The release this weekend should pull some fish in the river.  

Until 9:00 PM tomorrow, Thu, 185 CFS
From 9:00 PM tomorrow until 9:00 PM Fri, 335 CFS
From 9:00 PM Fri, until 9:00 PM Sun, 750 CFS
From 9:00 PM Sun, until 11:59 PM Sun, 335 CFS

Salmon have been making their way into the river for a few weeks now, not a big run yet, but enough to keep your attention.  There has been a good number of BIG kings caught on the lake the past few weeks, so bring your A game and some spare equipment.  I do have a couple of days open, so if you haven’t booked your trip, now is the time.