Trout Spey Trips

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  Now booking spring and summer trout spey trips. You’ll catch fish in places you never thought they were before It never ceases to blow my mind where the occasional bite or hook up may come from. Generally in dry fly or indicator fishing, we have all been taught to focus on certain types of water depending on what we are trying to accomplish. While it is true that trout favor different types of water throughout the year, swinging flies has shown me that we may have been overlooking great fishing opportunities. Some of these instances have revealed themselves while trying to make a long cast to other side of the river. Instead of getting the bite on the bank, I’ve gotten the flash, bite, or hook up on in the middle of the fast water and even in rapids and wave trains. It has taught me to not only think about the surface currents but the depressions, currents, and structure underneath what we can see on the surface. Whether you're new to trout spey or an experienced angler looking to refine your skills-we offer full day trips to suit your needs. From swinging soft hackles on a scandi lines to swinging bigger flies on skagit lines we've got you covered. Swinging for trout is a great ways to keep up your skills for fishing anadromous species. Book your trip now and join me on the beautiful trout filled water New York has to offer.  All tackle provided if needed.